Learn which potato is right for your dish

Whether you love your potatoes fried, baked, mashed, roasted, or scalloped - there are so many delicious ways to cook them.

We've put together the ultimate guide for choosing the right potato variety for the dish you're preparing.

Midnight Pearl
Identified by their deep purple coloured flesh and skin, they are full of nutrients and antioxidants. A versatile vegetable, they're great for roasting, mashing, fries, gnocchi, and salads, and will add a splash of colour to any meal. A fun dinner addition the kids will love!

Dutch Cream
These waxy spuds have firm yellow flesh, thin skin, and a rich, buttery taste. Wonderful for mash, or equally delicious boiled, roasted, baked, and pureed.

Small and finger-shaped, with waxy, yellow skin and light yellow flesh. It has a buttery, nutty taste, great boiled, steamed, in salads, and roasted.

Closely related to its Dutch Cream friend, these potatoes have a creamy yellow flesh that makes it excellent in potato salad and is ideal for frying. Bonus, this potato has a long shelf life.

Firm, white flesh and thin skin, this potato is an all-rounder. Excellent for baking and boiling, and makes a great chip.

King Edward
This is an old variety with white flesh and smooth pale skin marked with pink. It's the ruler of mash and fluffy roast potatoes, but not recommended for salads or frying.

Pink Eye
As the name suggests, this waxy potato is round with deep-set purple-coloured eyes. Its firm, yellow flesh is excellent steamed, baked, or in salads, and can make lovely mash too.

The Pontiac's pink skin and white flesh is a great general-purpose potato, whether it's baked, boiled, roasted, or mashed. But note, it's not suitable for frying.

Chat potatoes
Also known as baby potatoes, these gems are ideal for roasting, steaming or boiling and are often served whole with their skins on.

Cream-coloured with thin, smooth, skin. Perfect for chipping, baking, roasting, or boiling.

A versatile potato with waxy pink-red skin and creamy yellow flesh. A great all-rounder for boiling, mashing, roasting, and salads.

Smooth, thin, and light brown to yellow skinned, with firm, dense, and golden yellow flesh underneath. Best suited for boiling, baking, and roasting.

Now you know which variety to choose, it's time to cook! Explore our range of greengrocers and add the perfect potatoes to your next order.

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