The one-stop Fish Shoppe

Josh and Renee Pearce are passionate about their industry and keeping it sustainable in every way. They take the hard work out of deciding what’s sustainable and do their background checks before selling any Oz or NZ seafood – that way you don’t have to.

Establishing The Fish Shoppe in 2019, the pair celebrates sustainable seafood produced ethically by leaders of the industry. The fish store operates in Collingwood and the South Melbourne Market.

Coming from a Wholesale Fish Market Managing background, Josh has an eye for detail and freshness. Paired with Renee's 10 years of experience in the Australian seafood industry in advocacy roles, there are several reasons to love this family-owned store.

  • Australia & NZ only 🇦🇺🐟🦑🇳🇿

“Australia and New Zealand have the world’s best standard in fisheries management, and by supplying to our customers only seafood from these two great islands you can rest assured that there’s fish for the future.” - Renee

  • Fully traceable produce 🎣📋

“Sourcing directly and knowing how different boats handle their catch proves itself in the quality of the seafood. I handpick all our seafood and work with small businesses directly, producing a wonderful range of seafood that can be traced back to the local port in which it was caught.” - Josh

  • Fully compostable packaging ♻️🌏

The Fish Shoppe uses fully compostable bags for their produce - meaning you can put them straight into your compost and they’ll break down naturally (they’re made from corn!). The paper wrap is also fully compostable, and even the stickers to hold it all together can head to the compost pile!

The Fish Shoppe is one of the first independent retailers to obtain the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of Custody Certification.

If you're wondering where to start, Josh and Renae's four must-try products are New Zealand King Salmon, Yellowfin Tuna, Salmon Roast Royale (herb-stuffed salmon roast), or the Ashmores Cold Smoked Ocean Trout.

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