Everything you need to know about Christmas Turkey!

Turkey - the Christmas centrepiece. There are a few things to know about this huge bird as we come into the Christmas season and this blog is going to answer a few key questions.

What size turkey do I need to order?
I've put together the above chart for your reference. The general rule of thumb? Allow for 500g per person that you're feeding, remembering that a lot of the birds weight comes from the bones. If you are serving along side a ham / seafood / other cut of meat, I recommend sizing down. Unless you want a lot of leftovers (which I want, at Christmas time!)

How do I choose the best turkey for my Christmas?
With so many turkeys on the market its hard to work out which one is the best. I recommend buying fresh - not frozen - along with free range and/or organic. Organic poultry is rasied free of antibiotics and growth hormones and are fed higher quality feed, ultimately leading to a more flavoursome bird.

Everything is dependant on your budget though. My suggestion? Buy the best quality meat you can afford for Christmas day, and make cut backs elsewhere - all those extra's that add up should be sacrificed before the quality of your centrepiece!

How do I stop my Turkey from becoming dry when I cook it?
This is down to a couple things - the quality of the bird, how confident you are with cooking it but the easiest hack? Brine your bird. I've included a recipe in another post - but I can't stess enough how much flavour and moisture brining your turkey adds. Plus it's super simple - no brainer really.

How do I carve this beast?
Turkey's are huge birds! So sometimes when carving, you have no idea where to start. I suggest carving it in the same way you would break down a raw chicken. First, remove the breasts (completely) from along the breast bone. You can then slice these up. Next take off the thighs and drumsticks - shred up the thighs and leave the drumsticks whole (they look great when serving).

I've included a video of Jamie Oliver carving one up - he makes it super simple!

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