YourGrocer has acquired Aussie Farmers Direct

You've probably heard that Aussie Farmers Direct went out of business not too long ago.

This was bittersweet news for us. It sucks that another independent fell over, but it does mean growth for us.

We've been working with the administrators since we heard the news and now I'm excited to announce that we have finalised the purchase of the Aussie Farmers brand, trademarks, URLs and customer database.

Aussie Farmers' mission was to create a fairer food system, by supporting Australian farmers.

The reason farmers in Australia struggle so much is because we have one of the most concentrated supermarket ecosystems in the world.

The vast majority of food in our country is sold by the big two supermarkets, which gives them tremendous negotiating power. Local shops, on the other hand, do not have enough buying power to screw over farmers, producers, brands or manufacturers.

The more we buy from local shops, the stronger our independent grocery sector becomes. And the stronger our independent sector is, the stronger our farmers, producers, brands and manufacturers are.

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely. I tend to agree. This is why I believe in helping Australia's 10,000+ independent shops to compete for a larger share and create a better food and grocery ecosystem for everyone.

The next few months at YourGrocer are going to be exciting.

There will no doubt be challenges along the way, but I'm confident we have the right team and culture to make it work.

We look forward to welcoming Aussie Farmers' customers into the fold.



CEO & Co-founder

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