Why We Love Barambah Organics Dairy Products

Barambah Organics have become known for their fresh, organic dairy products with a delicious taste! Produced in Queensland, Barambah take pride in their products being organic-certified, healthy and chemical-free.

Barambah Organics produce a variety of organic dairy products ranging from yoghurt, cream, bottled smoothies and fresh organic cheeses to bottled milk. Think stirred and tub yoghurts in flavours like cherry and apple, high protein smoothies in banana, blueberry and vanilla, pure cream, and of course organic, natural milk just how it's supposed to taste! Barambah Organics provide lactose-free options too.

Barambah Organics began in 2002 after founder Ian Campbell converted his fourth generation family farm "Spring Creek" in 1999 to achieve organic status with Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Later the Campbell farming operation moved to the Border Rivers Region of NSW/QLD in 2006 in order to secure a reliable water supply, which turned out to be a great move for Barambah Organics as their cows have thrived in this location!

For those who prefer chemical-free, organic foods for their family, Barambah Organics farms are audited by ACO (Australian Certified Organics) to verify no chemicals are used in Barambah's farming system. Everything involved in the production process is organic, including organic grain and pastures and natural remedies for the cows. Barambah are committed to an ethical process. You can find detailed information about Barambah's chemical-free farming here.

Barambah are proud to be a 100% Australian owned and operated business supporting local dairy farmers in the Border Rivers Region of Queensland. Barambah is becoming the dairy option of choice for a growing number of restaurants and outlets around Australia who appreciate the high quality and taste of Barambah dairy. Barambah Organics have won a host of national and international awards and now export their products internationally.

Barambah give back to their community through promoting the profile of Australian athletes through their Barambah Rising Star program.

You can purchase Barambah Organics products, right here on YourGrocer via Piedimontes and South Melbourne Market Organics.

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