Why Choose Organic Food?

It's Better for your Health

Organic produce is natural, avoiding the chemicals and nasties found in lots of food. Certified Organic produce doesn't contain any synthetic colourings, preservatives, additives or GM ingredients and any organic food and drink must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients.

Australian legislation doesn’t require foods made with genetically modified ingredients to include this information on it's label so the best way to avoid it is to look for an organic certification logo.

It's Better for the Environment

In order for something to be certified organic, it cannot contain any synthetic agricultural chemicals including pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. The lack of synthetic chemicals protects the local environment as it reduces potential contamination of nearby waterways.

Organic farmers also consider their potential impact on native flora and fauna in order to maintain the natural habitat of the area.

It's Better for Animal Welfare

In order to be certified organic, livestock must be free range so animals are raised outside of cages and sow stalls.

Organic meat also guarantees that no synthetic growth hormones or routine antibiotics are used, vaccines are limited. In addition to this, breeding only occurs through natural methods and mothers and their young experience stress free weaning.

Organic animal welfare goes beyond the farm itself. Animals are transported according to strict requirements and processed at certified organic abattoirs, which ensure that animals aren't killed in the line of sight of other animals and makes sure that they are unconscious before slaughter.

Information Courtesy of Australian Certified Organic.

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